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Hover Kart Racing Overview

If you've played Mario Kart before, you should be more than familiar with the mechanics behind Sonic Racing. All the basics are here from speed boosts to lock-on rockets/shells, etc. Outside of the All-Star power-ups, one difference that immediately struck me is drifting/power-sliding. Where drifting helps in Mario Kart because of the speed boost it isn't necessary to get around the track and you can win a race against the AI opponents without it for the most part. In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, it is critical that you drift not only for the different levels of speed boost but also to make it through some of the tracks (more on this later).

Helmets are a should at any speed. Discover a quality helmet that may defend you from serious head harm if the unforeseen should happen. Head injuries are often probably the most serious of injuries when racing and avoiding these kind of accidents is priority number one. Clothing can also be important. Go-carts carry gasoline which can catch fireplace in a crash. That is why it is necessary to put on a fire-resistant racing swimsuit, gloves and protecting shoes. If the front of your gokart ought to hit one other automotive or barrier it's the feet that almost all typically get injured. A particular pair of shoes can shield you from many foot injuries.

A seemingly simple game at first, Flight Control's complexity shines as you try and outdo your maximum flight distance over and over again. Giving you incredible control over the yaw, pitch, roll, and overall flight of your tiny aircraft, Flight Control is perhaps the most addictive iPhone game I have played so far. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

It may take a while to become acclimated to the competition. Granted some never seem to be able to adjust. The ones who are unable to do so can still help with a lot of other aspects of the sport.

Actually, in order to get gears to mesh properly, both the gokart plano mating gears must be in the same position. This can be accomplished by running the gears at the same speed, but this does take some understanding of how a gear box operates. Unskilled drivers will have extreme difficulty getting the gearbox to work. More than likely, the gear box will be destroyed in a relatively short period of time, if shifting is considered on the fly.

It is usually three qualifying heats and a final race for trophy positions. Each race typically does not exceed 15 minutes. The key to success in sprint racing is successful passing skills.

If you decide to race, even in a kid's competition, you should be wearing a fire safety suit, racing shoes and protective gloves. The shoes and gloves should also be fire retardant. There is not much gas in a gocart, but if it should happen to catch on fire the fire-safe equipment you use could save you a lot of pain and discomfort.

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